It’s time to enrich
your work-life experience

Meet Otto,
the helpful friend in your pocket.

Otto is here to make your work-life simpler and more enjoyable.

The one-stop app to make your workday less work.


Created just for you, Otto helps you connect with colleagues, manage daily workplace tasks and book what you need at the tap of a button – making your everyday easier (and a little more fun).

Otto is full of perks that make your work life simpler and more enjoyable.

Using the app, you can*:

- Access your building

- Submit service requests

- Discover exclusive retail offers

- Explore upcoming events

- Report any concerns

- Book amenities or classes

phone App
Otto is also really helpful with necessities like:
Health and safety protocols

Health and safety protocols

Health and safety protocols

Building information and FAQs

Health and safety protocols

Important points of contact

Health and safety protocols

WiFi access

*App features vary per building, by location

Why Otto is good for people:

We’re at our best when we are able to focus on the things that matter at work. Otto is here to help you to stay connected and informed, organize your workday, and take advantage of the offerings around you.


Why Otto is good for business:

Otto takes care of things so you don’t have to. Our best-in-class platform provides a single resource for all your employees’ needs so they can organize their days more efficiently and feel connected to their surroundings. So you can attract the best people – and keep them.